This marks the end of friendship, games, and memories. . .

I began Roblox in 2012 under the username kriskat101. I was only 9 years old. Roblox was the third multiplayer game I had gotten into after Toontown and Club Penguin; both have shut down.

In 2013, I created a new account, kriskat100, I created games, made friends, and got a Builder's Club membership. I spent most of my time building random designs in my places, and I made a Red vs Blue game. 

I then left Roblox for a year before creating this account in 2015. I met MenaceMaker1234, formerly icup153. We met in Build To Survive Monsters, and we played there nearly every day, making elaborate "science innovations" and building rockets to fly us to space. As we grew up, we slowly separated. We talked less often, and the game eventually broke. Our friendship slowly dwindled until high school. We have began to go our separate ways and move on from Roblox. I will miss every one of you. . .

-Chris (2013) 
-Kris (2014) 
-Cap (2015)Read More

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  • Red Vs. Blue

    An epic war raging on forever. Who will win? Me and miguelattack made this with my previous account.

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  • Tenochtitlán

    An ancient Aztec city in Mexico, taken by The Spanish Empire in the 1500s. A city of pyramids, fine culture, and trade. This beautiful city of farming and marketing is a great place for a Spaniard colonist to live. Group info coming soon

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  • The Rotropics

    A game I've always wanted to make if I ever get any help. RoTropica: a fictional beach town in Florida de Robloxia. [ Menace, if you are ever interested in helping with this, let me know. :) ]

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