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  • Coalition Against Armies and Clothing Companies

    Welcome to the Coalition Against Armies and Clothing Companies, a non-denominational group which exists to raise awareness about unlawful groups. 'Armies' are any group devoted to military recruitment and training. CAACC believes that armies advertise excessively and use bases, descriptions, and other methods to stretch the truth. 'Clothing Companies' are any group devoted to publishing clothing under a brand name. CAACC believes that clothing companies employ their brand name in advertisements and use home stores, descriptions, and other methods to stretch the truth. With your help, we can expose the fact that most popular groups are full of hot air and that the role playing in these corrupt groups is unlawful. We also hope to promote good group practices and standards.

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  • Deadpool

    Die-hard Deadpool fans (though we hope it doesn't come to that)! Get a "Deadpool Name" rank by having Deadpool in your name in some form. Become an admin by proving your fanocity to Deadpool in a crazy way, like making a (DECENT) Deadpool place/costume (you have to message me if you want to be admin, along with a link to your place/costume). These have to made with REAL effort, mmkay? I can tell. Put your back into it! I promote people via RANDOM SPOT CHECKS, sometimes days apart, sometimes weeks apart, and sometimes months apart (but I'm less proud of that one)! [NOTE: The "Deadpool" rank, given to people wearing a Deadpool costume at the time I go through it, has been removed! This group has over 1,000 members, would YOU want to go through all those people?! I didn't think so! Sorry]

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  • Deism

    A group for those who believe in deist philosophies and principles to share their ideas and common interests. For those of you that are unaware of what exactly a deist believes in, I will give you a short and easy metaphor to explain. Deists to believe in a supreme or higher power, as do most religions, but they don't believe that this power intervenes or interacts with the universe in its daily life through miracles or prophesies like some religious philosophies believe in. The metaphor that best explains this is one about the watchmaker. A watchmaker (the higher power) can create a watch (the universe) and then let it run its course, but does not need to tinker with it or try to change anything within it beyond make sure it begins to run properly and then let it go its own way without any direct interaction besides the initial creation of it. I appreciate your time reading this and hope that nobody takes offense to others views such as these. This group is just for people of co

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