Your  Amazing  don’t  Change  who u are and you guys have nice outfits 💕 don’t let bully’s get u Down be Strong 💗 life’s to short to hate 🙈 fake friends would know on your front door ❤️ Real friends walk right in and say I’m home fake friends will help you up when you fall over 😋 real friends will jump on top of you and shout pile up fake friends are for awhile 😛 real friends are for your life 😲 real friends will steal this just like I did got a problem with me solve it think I’m trippin ? Tie my shoe can’t stand me ? Sit down can’t face me ? Trn around don’t know me ? Don’t  judge me btw if u guys unfriend me I don’t add back sorry  and before u ask me I’m not gayRead More


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