I started Roblox on another account in mid-2017.
I consider myself an intermediate scripter and amateur builder. I’m also decent at UI design. I know Roblox Lua, Swift, and some Python.

I am the sole developer of two games:
- Frenzy Sprint (Discontinued) -
- Ninja Warrior Supreme -


  • Frenzy Sprint [Read Description]

    If you would like to know why updates no longer occur on this game please read the paragraph on the bottom of the description page. ————————————————- Welcome to Frenzy Sprint! This is a game where you face various obstacles that reward you upon completion. As you complete them, you earn gold and can buy items we offer, such as trails, particle effects, and name tags! ————————————————- This game has been discontinued as of 7/29/2020, the reason being that I developed this game over a year ago. I made many systems extremely inefficient; it can take me several hours to add a single trail. Depending on the response to this game's discontinuation I may or may not start development on a sequel sometime in the future. Thank you for all your support!

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