I have always quit and returned and quit and returned again and again, but I can say with certainty I have no plans to return because there is nothing to return to, for me atleast. All the old timers I knew are gone, even those who despised me. I am not undermining the efforts being made by the new guys, I'm stating my own reality. In the end, this was all a past-time for me in my younger years. I'm thankful to those who have stuck by me these years, and those who have let go of our past differences.

 Shout out to the entire original Genovese Family (Price, Ginjik, Bramb12, Roran8403, Liamdude34, Taad860, Joe Santo, Luckytyler34) My original mentor, Marcus6895 

VincenzoSilvani, Kurt, BennySpilotro, Taad860, SilvioAttano, Leo Molinell, CharlesNicoletti, and the rest of the Soprano guys 

Respect to all the originals I had beef with as well, the Bellias, Turko and Bairon. 

The original Montellos (Rice, lucio, and Leon Montello) 

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