It's been nearly six years since I've joined this community. I have seen power, respect, and money on this game. My predecessors and close friends and mentors; Price and Marcus have both left this game.  The same is of my enemies and everyone else that I once interacted with from the old days. The game has deteriorated and much can be said in this regard. I've achieved much here during my time and I have no further purpose to stay. I was apart of the original Genovese led by Price from 2012 until early 2014. I spent my two years as Capo regime and learned a lot which would help me achieve more in the future. I went on to lead the Soprano Family, which at it's height was the largest family in the community. Consisting of 200 members which prompted people to refer to it as a "Clan." My enemies are gone or themselves facing a deteriorated state. I don't think this game has much to offer me anymore, and the "power" that I have held for years means nothing to me anymore. This is itRead More

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