Personalities; -Social: Players who want me as friend, but with who i haven't played much yet, will have me 'follow' them. If my friends list is filling up i make a group to warn the people who will be unfriended, which is the players with who i have played the less. They will also have me as follower. RP and creativity: On story games, like Camping, i act like i don't know what will happen next just to get 'that story feeling'. For the people who need help completing it, i can still tell what's about to go on. Games like Dance Off, have themes. I make as much creativity as i can to fit in the category, as well as appearance as dance moves. In that game, my timing is also my way of getting on top. And lately i've started doing roleplay and it turned out great! - Scientific: I know a ton about sharks and other kinds of nature. If someone has a question about it contact me, i will happily share bio-info with you guys!
Fast fact: I like telling jokes and laugh a lot.Read More


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  • (UPDATE!) Sharky's Server (Friends Only)

    Had a busy day or just want some time alone? Well then, this server i made is for you. Watch sharks in the aquarium, party with me or the others or simply do Revenge lyrics in the Mineshaft. Make sure to follow the game to hear when i made it better and don't forget to thumbs up if you like it, it helps me a lot! Shutdown = update or lag. UPDATE: - Shark Museum! - Melon Stand! - Friend's Cabins! - Resized Aquarium This update featured less than i expected but my friends were getting nervous so i released it for now. Admin will come in the next update.

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