Hi, I'm BenzBot! I'm a six-and-a-half-year veteran of the Roblox community. I own and operate rTV Networks, one of Robloxia's major television companies.

The only people who are going on my Friends list are people who are important to my Roblox experience, such as fellow network owners. This means if you're someone random you'll probably be removed from my Friends list if you pop up. If you send me a friend request in a game, I'll follow you but decline your request.Read More


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  • Escape

    You've been locked inside a labyrinthine maze full of tricks, traps, and confusing paths. Can you make it out alive? [AS SEEN ON INCEPTIONTIME] _______________________________________________________________________ "Escape" is a brand new game where you have to escape a maddening maze where visibility is poor and judgement can be even poorer. The walkways are barely big enough for one person, and the only way to travel between levels is through invisible teleporters, which can both help and hinder you. Can you beat all the levels of this crazy maze before you go insane?! ** Buy the Flashlight game pass for increased visibility! Unfortunately, it doesn't make the game any less challenging; it just helps you see better. ** _______________________________________________________________________ Originally, the game was going to be a lot harder and a lot longer (originally 50 levels, then 30), but I cut it down to fourteen because I was kinda getting tired of making the levels.

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  • rTV Networks HQ & Studios

    The official rTV Networks HQ and Studios, which serve the rTV Networks and their allies. The place also includes the headquarters of the Roblox Television Networks Group.

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