• Theme Park Project [Beta]

    Theme Park Project is an online social hangout and open-world game taking place around a mysterious story at a fictional theme park in 2009. Lagging? Be sure to lower your graphics settings and enable Lite Mode by clicking the in-game button. 💾 Story-mode progress saves automatically* 🎢Uncover the mysteries of the park & unlock new rides in a 3 chapter story! 🏠Upgrade & customize your own home for your virtual adventures! 💰Get your own job at the park! Go fishing, deliver letters, fix rides or clean graffiti! 💡Dynamic NPCs and day/night cycle bring the park to life! ➕Badges, titles, leaderboards, and much more! 🤝CREDITS: - Developed by: SamuraiCactus - Music by: Drummer_BoyJ - Special Thanks to: Starmarine614, NinjaDerek, Rahzio12, SamuraiCactus11 **This is currently a beta release! If you experience any issues please message me and I will get them resolved! Thank you! 👍Had fun? LIKE & FAVORITE supports the game!

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