Hi guys! Please make sure to check my YT~ Cream_lovet And info about me down here! 😁⬇

✦ I like Mac 'n Cheese 

✦ I love to sing and dance. 

✦ I love to make friends. 

✦ I like answering questions about ANYTHING. :) 

✦ My favorite hobby is reading books. 

✦I love to help cook 

✦ I love diaries 

✦ I love to help

✦ I like to show anything in mind 

✦ Favorite movie is Sing 

✦ Favorite show is Henry Danger 

✦ Love to be a singer when I grow up 

✦ Loves sequin pillows 

✦ Favorite dessert is Cake 

✦ Favorite meme is I'm Blue 

✦ Favorite candy is Kit ~ Kat 

✦ Best friend is Tye 

✦ I'm a bit flexible 

✦ Loves to play Fortnite 

✦ Loves the song Happier 

✦ Dances to music :p 

✦ Loves to have classmates 

✦ Loves the galaxy 

✦ Loves pictures of glowing stars 

✦ Loves math 

✦ Loves to do Fortnite Dances 

✦ Loves to have Fun in the Sun🌞 

✦ Loves going to the Park 😊 
                                                           ✨That's all✨Read More


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