My Java IGN: Nooben_0
My Bedrock IGN: Nooben0
My favorite ROBLOX games:
Shard Online
Arcane Adventures
Lumber Tycoon 2
Test Any Gear or Anything
Vibrant Venture

I see how you're on my account page right now. Well, what about me? I like to eat food, poop, eat food, sleep, eat food, and poop.Read More

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    Models used: Coffee, flower pot, Animated swarm of butterflies. Decals: lava, leaf, hexagon, plus sign. The rest are made by me. Everyone except me is not supposed to play this game.

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  • Hangout place with friends [BIG UPDATE] (read desc

    Feel free to have fun again, and no abuse! By abuse, I mean no killing, no spawn killing, and caging players you don't know. •If someone you don't know says that he/she is friends with me, go and check before you give them a rank. Also you need permission. •My real life friends are Kevinlovesmtw92, Boycraft537, Crazykitty81, EleteRobloxGametTDM, lazyangelina081, and XxcloudforestxX051. Updates: •Added an Airbus A320 (airplane)! This airplane is made by scratch but with a blueprint as a template for me. This is NOT a model, and it took me about a week to build/script this. There are still some bugs with the scripting of the animated door. First of all it may open the wrong way. Another glitch is the door taking about 1 minute to open completely. I don't know how to fix these glitches, but I am guessing that I could possibly fix the opening the wrong way part. Also, I am not sure how to make the airplane work. I am not a scripting master, so I don't know how to make it functi

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