Hello and welcome to my profile! This is my bio, you can read this to get to know me a bit better! Anyways, lemme tell you some stuff about me! I am a ROBLOX YT er! My channel is my username, please sub if you want to! I am on a strict diet due to my medical condition (IIH). I have been playing ROBLOX for over 6 or 7 years now. I'm broke, meaning I don't have ROBUX so don't ask me for any, please. I'm not accepting friend requests right now, sorry! I have 2 brothers and one of them has a channel called Candy Cat Plays (no spaces), please check him out and let him hit 20 subscribers! Wanna join my game? Press the green button that says ''join'' when I'm playing something! Also shout-out to Shadow, Whitney, and Kawaii for being awesome people and YT #### <3 My friends: Vanna, C e ## ## ##### Elliot and some more amazing people. :PRead More


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    like in the title, it's just a baseplate

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