hi! my names lia.


things i like to do:

-play apex
-play call of duty black ops 4
-dogs/wolves (or just canines in general)

thats all you have to know about what i like. theres also a few other things..but they're kind of personal.

but i want to:

-learn exploiting
-learn more about scripting and game-making things
-make more friends
-be more confident of myself

what ive learned so far is:

-some scripting (script builder scripts)
-game building like transparent walls, game mechanics, walk-through walls
-more about dogs, mostly big dogs and mixes of them
-more research about roblox hackers. examples: noli, john doe, 1x1x1x1x1

things im doing well with:

-myth seeking, looking forward to being one in the future
-being less rude to people

but nothing much other than the rest which is on the top.

click on that little youtube picture in my profile and see who they are! thats not actually me, but its a youtuber. im advertising lolRead More


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  • moving in..

    my parents said we had to move in to this place for my birthday. it honestly doesnt look as good as i expected, but hey. it's something. im still concerned about it's history though..

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