If any ROBLOX high ranks are reading this, I got a notification for a T-Shirt with very inappropriate content for this game and was warned about it, I'd like to explain: 2 years ago, my account was taken over by an unknown indivisual and during his time with this account he made the Overpriced T-shirt as well as all the others that were made by this username.  When I evantually got the account back I couldn't find a way to delete the merchandise and so I left it in hope nobody would see it. 
      I don't asking you to believe my story as I'm sure you hear the "hacker" story so many times but I wanted to explain my knowledge on the issue. During my time on this game, I promised myself never to do this sort of stuff and I'm desgusted that this sort of thing happened to my account.  I absolutely apologize for the issues but even if I still need to be punished in some way, I accept all responsibility. Thank You.

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