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When you see this message, I will have already left this site. I've deleted almost every hat I have, besides the ones I'm wearing now and a few memories I had of the time I spent here. I won't delete much more because I have way too much of everything. If you want whatever somewhat useless money I have left, send me a message with some amount of grammar declaring why you would want it. I may or may not get back to you. Farewell. Read More

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    The group for, the Poster. Welcome to true Forumers! Hello there My Name is SoraLinkZx, I've been posting in the Forum's since 2007. We've come a long way on Roblox. Anyway Welcome! Have fun. Our Admins are... THELEGENDKILLER12 and extemmasfriend Send them or me a Pm if you need anything. Our Top Poster is, extemmasfriend, Our Ultimate Forumer's are Smsrulez, and Spiderman599, Our 1337 Posters are, Nintendoguy1247, Skas, Yoshiandluigi3, RoboFreak, Fireball5167, and TheBlox, and Last but not least our Known Forumers are, Cobra4561, Vividness, MooseTracks, Dumbskalle123, EliteGuardians, and Brylinm, More updates soon. Thanks for staying with us!(:

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    Think of it this way: the longer this takes to build, the better.

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