CHAPTER I REVAMPED OUT NOW!!! Chapter II REVAMPED + Chapter III are next in line for development~ Within moving to a new lonely place to call home, your family wanted to begin a new life. However, after strange events, you suddenly become lost in all your memories and set out to figure out the truth of what is happening. on your own Throughout your journey, you encounter peculiar places you never expected to see. All of this would lead you to be...s PC Controls RMB - Zoom LShift - Sprint F - Flashlight E - Interact + Open Doors MOBILE: Controls displayed UI You can spend in-game currency to unlock new exclusive items from crates! LIKE AND FAVORITE for more frequent updates~ ⚠️TW! = The game contains jumpscares, loud sounds, flashing lights, and possible views of trauma! ❗ Created by: https://www.roblox.com/groups/8083234/FilmZen-Studios Tags: Horror, Scary, Monster, Ghost, Adventure, Escape, Puzzle

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