Yes I am a female with neutral gender pronouns, androgynous, don't fight me over this thankyouuu.

Artist & Illustrator | Flood Escape 2 YouTuber (25k+ subs) | Map Developer

A confident 20 year old self taught artist who creates illustrations and fanart for any kind of game, movie or TV series. Currently studying Graphic Design.
Coming to video games, I love playing parkour related games, survival and anything sci-fi. I might love Aliens a bit too much :0

- I do not accept any random friend requests, so don't bother. I don't know you, you are a stranger to me.

- Also known as Yellow Cyborg Alien Ninja Kitty Gurl

- Creating YouTube videos is not my hobby nor have I ever wanted to be a "YouTuber" - I am merely doing it as contributing to the community. (Channel Lugia731V)

- I am the creator of the Flood Escape 2 Warriors series and the concept.

- My accomplishments in FE2 leaderboard I placed 2nd+3rd place in July tied with Rxndxmness. First and last experience.Read More


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  • FE2 Warriors HQ (2nd area) [+ 6 CERT. WARRIORS]

    New Icon thanks to rareheaddress! SHUTDOWN = Update or to reset whole server due to bugs. Welcome to the Flood Escape 2 Warriors Headquarters second area! In this zone you may meet the Leading Warrior NPCs and more certified Warriors to talk to, get a drink, hang out with your friends or explore around uncovering mysterious secrets that might be hiding. Find the Credit's board at the spawn to see who contributed to the game!

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  • The Lost Cavern (WIP)

    WARNING: This game contains deadly traps and difficult obstacles, enter at your own risk. You have been trapped in the cavern for days, weeks, maybe even months... not remembering how you got there in the first place. There is only one thing you have to do: escape! However be careful, there are unknown beings hiding in the shadows... Controls: L Shift to RUN

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  • FE2 Map - Galaxy Collapse [WIP]

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  • FE2 Map

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