Gnair227 Car and Town Builder Sheriff of Winston County Owner of Winston County Union of Columbia: Chief of the Carver State Police Chief of Atomica City Police Former Police Chief/Sheriff of many towns such as : Merryville, Third Town, FSSP,ISSP,FRSP,Marietta,as well as many other small towns and cities,etc. Former Sheriff of Annfield County (US:CR) and Former Deputy Commissioner of the NYPD (ManhattansFinest) Former Minister of Security/Defense of: ISSP,FRSP, Marietta,etc. One of the first Roleplay Law Enforcement Officers in the 1950s RP town scene. Roblox's Most Seasoned Police Officer. I build cities and cars as well. Requests are considered but not always taken. Read More

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  • Winston County, Alabama, U.S.A.

    Winston County is a RP Community open to all. Set in rural Alabama, in 1975, Winston is the perfect place for people looking for a place to call home. There are many career and business opportunities available to the public. Becoming an active member of the community can get you ranked up, as well as other perks such as personalized cars and homes. We hope you will join us today! {WINSTON COUNTY MAP V3 IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION} {WINSTON COUNTY V2 IS OPEN TO PUBLIC BUT DATED} County Commissioner: Ferrari905 Sheriff: Gnair227 Started: 6/22/2010 There are two Winston maps, one is closed (12,541 visits) due to it being the original, the other is our currently opened one.

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  • Union of CoIumbia

    The Red Pine Party's Platform's been fulfilled [Note: It is not required to join the Government Group, Join if you please] Capitol: Jefferson DC State of Saratoto State of Carver State of Belmont Territory of Sequoia Territory of Aberdeen Territory of Rica Selva Territory of Tucker Territory of Newark Territory of Hewittville

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  • [Carver State Police Department]


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  • The State of Carver

    The State of Carver State Founded: December 1st 2013 First Town: Circa late 2009 Anthem:This Majestic Land Nickname: The Genesis State Motto: What Hath God Wrought? Capital:Amelia Abbreviation: CR Demonym: Carverians Constitution:n/a Era: Mid-Twentieth Century History: One of the first towns in the community along the lines of ThirdTown, Merryville and short lived Springfield. From their ashes came Smith, Jericho, and Amelia. As towns came and went, the community weakened but never wavered. And here we are today, laying the path for the next generation of our community.

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