My Name Is Zack Or ObliviousFear And Im A Game Developer.

My Current Project Is Heroes Destiny, It's Gonna Be Awesome So Check It Out.

[Note] I Only Accept Friend Requests From People I Know, From My Groups And Other Developers.

[Roblox Stats]
[Scripting] 8/10
[Building] 7/10
[GFX Design] 9/10

If You Need Me To Build, Script, Design Anything Just ask, Here Are My Prices.

Decals [All] - 10 Robux
Buildings[Houses, Decorations, shops etc] - 25 Robux
Maps [Areas, Whole Game Maps, Minigame Maps Etc] - 100 Robux
Simple Scripts [Day Script, Leaderboard etc] - 10 Robux
Advanced Scripts [AdminCommands, Daily Reward Script etc] - 25 Robux
Complex Scripts [Datastore etc] - 40 Robux
Complex Systems [Mining System, Complex Stats, Inventory System etc] - 125 Robux

Im 15 Years Old Btw.

My Skype Is ObliviousFear


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