Abilities: "Amazing" scripter, decent builder, super sight, ultra strength, batman (but better), spidermans dissapearing trick, workaholic, lazy, sarcastic, liar.

If you ask me for a simple script, it may take a couple of hours because I like making it big and flashy. Just kidding, I don't give out free scripts, unless you are a close friend. 

Speaking of friends, random friend requests are rejected as I want to keep my slots open for other developers, buddy's, and real life friends.Read More

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  • Shipwreck

    Your ship disappeared while traveling through a mysterious fog. During the event, you inhaled the fogs toxic gas and lost consciousness, waking up to this strange world. You must find a way to return but before that, you need to survive. Build Mode is available for testing. Currently, there is no resource reduction so feel free to build infinitely. -> Press "B" to open build mode This game is in early access and still requires a lot of optimization. Some fixes required are NPC navigation efficiency and Inventory duplication. If you do find a bug, please send a report by using the button on the top of your screen when in game. * Note: Requires a decent device. Consoles are not yet supported - > Default Controls E: Interact TAB: Inventory / Build C: Craft I'm the only developer for this game. Admins do not exist. -------------------------------------- Project Started: August 2017 Changelog In-game

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