Hi I'm Chris. I created and produced Shrek: The Force Awakens, I don't have a studio this is just me so it takes a while ok? I'll respond to most messages except the ones asking about the next update. My story will be finished soon, but please be patient! Thanks :)


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  • SHREK✨The Force Awakens

    ✨Obtain spiritual enlightenment through a journey into realms unknown!✨ You found yourself astray in a dark wood where the straight road had been lost sight of. Suddenly, you come across the Shrine of Shrek. A noob appears before your eyes and tells you your destiny: you must venture through the dark caverns of Earth's center and the very corners of the universe itself in order to become one with Shrek. 😱But beware!😱 Many unknown evils are known to lurk within the spiritual world. You must befriend strangers and defeat evil foes in the meme world in order to become one with 💚Shrek💚 Can you defeat powerful enemies, confront the Ogrelord, obtain spiritual enlightenment, and return back to the mortal world? ⚠️Epilepsy warning⚠️ ⚠️If you skip dialog you will fail to understand the plot. Don't skip it.⚠️ 🎵Most music here comes from the god of the internet, Neil Cicierega. Thanks Neil!🎵 👀Chapter Four: The Book Of Shrek coming soon...👀

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