Hi guys I'm TheCatWithRabies, or just call me Cat, Rabies, whatever makes you happy and comfortable!

I like to develop, design, and script some awesome games, and you will notice sometimes I will have games up that are uncopylocked, I am just editing them to put it into my standard version.

What I like to do:
Program Websites
Develop Websites
Computer Stuff
Design Stuff
Play Sports (basketball, football, lacrosse, etc)
A bunch of stuff, I love stuff.

So, yeah, that gives you a better understanding of me. I love to help out, and I am a very friendly guy, I promise. I don't bite...hard. So send me message if you have a question, I will respond back rather quickly. And send me a friend request, I will accept it as soon as possible!

You may see me in Forums as well. I am omnipresent :3



  • Fun Cannon

    Full credit to Stravant! I enjoyed this game, and it was open sourced, so I just published it to my place.

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