●▬▬▬▬▬๑۩۩๑▬▬▬▬▬▬● Hello, I am (obviously) Spadman. I am a pretty good scripter on roblox, and I am also getting in to making real games. Send me a PM if you would like to help me test Dogfight Advanced. Level 54 on the calc Read More

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  • Official Dragon Ball Z Fan Club

    Welcome to the Official Dragon Ball Z Fan Club! Owner: DragonFighter33 Co-Owner: NinjaMatrix23 Promotions: There are currently two ways to get promoted in the group. Method one: Recruit five more members! Simply personal message me who you recruited, I'll verify it and you will be promoted. By doing this you'll be helping the group expand, and be getting a promotion too! Method two: Don't want, or can't recruit 5 members? Simply buy a 10 Robux "Promotion T-Shirt" on our group store page. This will help us pay for advertising, and new ranks. You can also buy "Promotion T-Shirts" on my profile page for a discounted price of 7 Robux. Buying one of my T-Shirts will help motivate me to continue running this group. We'll occasionally have group meeting, training sessions, and raids. You will be notified of when those are happening by a group shout.

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  • Black Ops Squad

    What you can't, we can ____________________________ HQ: ____________________________ Fort Siberia: ____________________________ Rec Center: ____________________________ Group Shirt: ____________________________ Group Pants:

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  • HALO 3 spartan and elite united SEU

    ALL FANS OF HALO 1,2, OR 3 AND NOW 4 JOIN AND BECOME THE BEST SPARTAN OR ELITE YOU CAN BE TO RULE THE WORLD!!!!!!! PS also includes odst and halo wars.Also ask me for help in halo.New odst class. This is the real group made by darko123316 any other groups is fake.Thank you. The group is currently run by Foreboding.

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  • The Apple Group

    Okay so somehow this group has become almost self-sustaining since I've been gone... I've been thinking of a complete makeover for what this group is, you can still talk about all things Apple but I do want to turn it into something more purposeful and meaningful. In my time away from Roblox I have grown quite a bit and now I want to make a difference... Exciting changes to come! Stay tuned :)

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  • Modern Warfare 2 Fan Club

    We are the offical #1 Mw2 Group! ******************************************* *******************RULES******************* (1) No Swearing (2) No Advertising (3) Dont ask me to rank you up!!!! (4) If you say you hate the group ill just kick you =] If you Do rules 1 or 2 you get 3 warnings then you kick out!! No begging to get back in because ill find you! ******************************************* Love Modern Warfare 2??? Then talk about it here at the offical MW2 Fan club. Everyone gets ranked up farely. Attend meetings you get ranked up and it depends how long you've been in the group.

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