• Medieval Duels

    My first working game! Leave feedback it is a little buggy though very very basic. Please if you can support the game and join the group Future Plan For Game Stuff that comes first is on top of the list **Complete** -Bug Fixing COMPLETE -Complete The Xp Bar -COMPLETE -Fix Level Above head disappearing after death -REMOVED - Reduce player zoom -COMPLETE -Adding more Variety to the game DONE - 2 out of 3 maps Finished Maps will be added in when finished -Completely ReWriting Lobby script COMPLETE -Clean up Scripts COMPLETE -Include Gui's in Lobby Script DONE -Randomize Teams REMOVED (players choose teams now) Smoothing out everything -Betters gui's/Graphics -Smoother terrain and better spawn - 5 Classes TEMPORARILY PUT ASIDE -Spectator Box -Additions for later -Shops -Level Rewards -Class Outfits -Adding Xp Storage system Th

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