Hey. I dont play roblox alot anymore, due to school and other things. No you cant have my account. Unless you have a decent reason, no I wont donate. Thats about it. Oh, and I cant forget the name Fepzu. Just leaving that on here for refrence. I lied. Theres more. Referal Code: 11-349-65 Read More


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    This is a fan group of Germany, where Germans, Part-German and even Non-German people can share their experiences, knowledge and their love to the country and culture of Germany. All you need to join is simply pressing the 'Join Group button' THIS GROUP IS NOT A WAR GROUP, GROUPS UNALLYING THIS GROUP HAVE NO PURPOSE. IF YOU JOINED JUST SO YOU CAN SPAM RACIST THINGS OR TALK ABOUT WWII LEAVE.

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    ----------welcome to Shinobi Rankings!---------- -Rules- Respect all members, doesn'tmatter if they are a low rank. Never abuse ANY members in this clan or it may result in a Kick or you will be lucky, with a warning. Abusing to the owner including racism will be a permanent kick. ABUSERS = REPORT --enjoy--

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