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    Herro and Welcome!

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  • ROBLOX Game Makers!

    {Group BIO} We are elite game designers who specialize in many things within the development of a game. These things can be scripting, designing skins for things, thumbnail designer, advertiser, building maps, lobbys and much more! {NOTE} If you're not active you'll be kicked '.'

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  • The Indie Game Devs

    Tiny Records is a group where you can have chances to be able to meet new people, and perform rap battles and sing in front of many people. There is also many more things. - We will perform for many people at IciFlame's places. - We will go on "Tour" a good bit" - I am seeking HR's - Keep in mind, the group is not completely finished!

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  • Lua Scripters *

    this group is for: scripters in script builder Lua scripters and ofcourse script makers Please click on 'show more' for more information about this group :) this a script group that make scripts or use scripts PLEASE DO NOT ADVERT IN UR GROUP PLEASE Question: How to get promotion? Answerd: ask on the high ranks of group if he can preview ur script how Better lua/rare/scripts u has how higher u get ONLY HIGH RANKS CAN PREVIEW YOU! Question: how do i join the youngwarlock team? answerd: if you got much votes from ur group you have a chance to join but only when it can Question: how do i vote? Answerd: you can vote to post your vote on the wall :) thank u for reading this and have good day in this group and i hope you gonna have very much Fun -YoungWarlock

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  • South of Roblox

    If your from down south, this is the group for you!

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  • Jason's Revenge [UPDATE]

    The code is hidden in the map Update! Added a Pistol Fixed broken parts of the map Fixed Glitches New Rooms! This game was made in 2011 it was the most popular game on Games list. But now? idk anymore Tags: Minecraft Herobrine Dead Space LOL Epic Scary Killer s.t.a.l.i.n Jason Horror Guns COD Call of Duty

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