I am the loyal and dedicated Prime Leader of the clan WARRIORS of UNSEEN TACTICAL ADVANTAGE, or W.U.T.A., and i am very proud of it. I invest alot of my time and robux into the success and flurishment of this clan. I log into roblox everyday i can, which is often. In the future when my group raids or gets raided, i will be there in the heat of battle fighting side by side with my fellow soldiers not sitting in a protected room watching and shouting, i do not believe in this kind of leadership. What I do believe in is taking interest in the special abilites of each and everyone of my members whether it be fighting, scripting, building, or just hanging out in places and talking to people, and standing side by side with my fellow soldiers. Read More

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  • Warriors of Unseen Tactical Advantage

    WARRIORS of UNSEEN TACTICAL ADVANTAGE Welcome! We are a war based clan thats not limited to any terrain or battle. Individual assignments for each member interested in promotions. __________________________________________________ HeadQuarters: __________________________________________________ why join--> __________________________________________________ uniform shirt: __________________________________________________ uniform pants: __________________________________________________

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      Prime Leader
  • Iron Force

    Welcome to Iron Force! We are a renowned warclan feared by many and respected by all. ================================================================ "Forged In Iron, We Stand Strong" ================================================================ A link to our Official Discord Server! /Rw4SKrz ================================================================

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  • D&A Technologies inc.

    D and A technologies incorporated. Made for Durmiente(Pedro) and Alex(Jackstrap). Durmiente and Jackstrap are 2 great friends/scritpers who like to hangout, make some projects that never end and to discuss. Join us if you want to buy some technologies or to hang with us.We DO NOT accept noobs and imature peoples so we turned the joining feature at manual approval. Current projects : Steam Punk castle

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