Bullying? Think your so cool? -The girl you just called fat?... Shes on a diet. -The girl you just called ugly?... She spends hours putting on makeup hoping that people will like her. -The boy you tripped? He is abused enough at home.  -See that man with the ugly scars?.... He fought for his country. -That guy you just made fun of for crying?... His mother is dying -The kid you just made fun of cause he's bald?...He has cancer. -Put this as your status if your against bullying. I bet most of you won't re-post , but I am sure people that have a heart will."""God is welcomed to your house, copy and paste this on your profile if you believe in Jesus Christ. DON'T IGNORE THIS BECAUSE IN THE BIBLE IT SAYS: if you deny Him, He will deny you in front of His Father in the Gates of Heaven." Thanks for reading this long paragraph :) I'm sure God appreciates it <3Read More


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