I can't even lie to you I've been feeling hurt everytime it get better it be gettin worse I can't even hit you up I I put it inna verse if you ain't rocking with me you gotta let me know the way I do you it aint that hard to let me go I be fu22 ing up and I'm just hating what I put you through you don't believe me but you really hard to fu22 ing lose you deserve a n- I'm so fu22 ing rude if you don't want me in your life know I understand I can't even tell you sorry cause I always am tbh bby you can find a better man I keep fu22 ing up yo life maybe that's who I am just know lLy and you now that sh- tell you I'm finna change but I don't ever quit when I was down you put me up I hope you know that sh ik you ### # ## when I'm sorry but I really am wish we could take it to the past and do it all againRead More


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