I'm MinnesotaVikings61, I hold the largest NFL Powerhouse on ROBLOX, as in I've designed the most accurate football uniforms for all 32 NFL Teams, and the most advanced stadium on ROBLOX, Monster Energy Field™. I can't design all 32 NFL Stadiums because they will take months to finish them all, but I have finished copies of the Packers and Vikings stadiums for public use. I did post a tutorial on YouTube on making advanced stadiums bit like mine. I also have updated NFL Logos like the NFC and AFC Logos that have been released in 2010.


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  • NFC North Battle 12

    FYI - For every noob saying that my game is free modeled, you guys are wrong. I've designed the stadiums for the Packers, Lions, and Vikings on my alternative accounts, NNBPackers, NNBLions, and NNBVikings. If you don't think I'm right than bombard those accounts with as many messages as you want! And by the way, if you think that combat football isn't a sports genre, your wrong as well. We've been making new installments of this game every year since the year 2000. Posted on ROBLOX - This is the 100% genuine NFL game that will turn you from noob to a gaming legend. And this is no imitation, this is the real NFC North Battle. ©2012 Electronic Arts Inc. All NFL Trademarks belong to their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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