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  • The A.B.O.R

    The A.B.O.R stand for Ancient Bloxxers Of Robloxia. This group is free to join. If you have confidence stay here. Whoever is most active will be Co-Owner. ONLY FOR Good Sword Fighters, Plane flyers, Gunners,and etc.

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  • Greatest Sword Fighters

    Group meetings at 7:00 Fridays and Mondays to level up come find me and ill see what I can do. Or better Yet!!! I will find YOU!!

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  • The film team

    The film team is a group for filmers and actors to make groups to a film. If you want to beacome a filmer give me a message and i fix it. Anyone in the group is free to enter an idea on the wall post thing...

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  • Scripters

    [JOB] Want to learn how to script? All the members of Scripters would welcome you to visit this link! The Roblox Wiki is a great way to learn new scripting, and also has building lessons! Are you more of a visual learner? Would you like someone to speak you through what you are doing? Here are some good videos! Want to make a tycoon? We got you covered! Some of the most popular tycoons made by Zednov and Berezza, both have videos on making tycoons, check out their videos here! Zednov Tycoon Kit: Berezaa Tycoon Kit: If you want help with anything or think something should be added to this description for the good-of-the group, post

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