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  • The A.B.O.R

    The A.B.O.R stand for Ancient Bloxxers Of Robloxia. This group is free to join. If you have confidence stay here. Whoever is most active will be Co-Owner. ONLY FOR Good Sword Fighters, Plane flyers, Gunners,and etc.

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  • Scripters

    We are the first scripting group on ROBLOX and the 26th group to be made. Joining as a scripter: Want to learn how to script? All the members of Scripters would welcome you to visit this link! The ROBLOX Wiki is a great way to learn new scripting, and also has building lessons! Another good resource is the Scripters subforum, which you can access by clicking "Forum" and going down to "Scripters"! Are you more of a visual learner? Would you like someone to speak you through what you are doing? Here are some good videos! If you want help with anything or think something should be added to this description for the good of the group, suggest it on the group wall!

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  • Greatest Sword Fighters

    Group meetings at 7:00 Fridays and Mondays to level up come find me and ill see what I can do. Or better Yet!!! I will find YOU!!

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  • The film team

    The film team is a group for filmers and actors to make groups to a film. If you want to beacome a filmer give me a message and i fix it. Anyone in the group is free to enter an idea on the wall post thing...

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