Hi, I am a player of the ages, I learn stuff everyday and I am friendly to most player -most! I was the first cammin in the whole  world and I had a bunch of alts. All of  my alts: cammin1223 cammin12233. I allow anyone to join the server I am in because why not? I am in the uk and I am enjoy the greatest showman. My favourite youtubers is mumbo jumbo and grian… I also enjoy dantdm tofuu and much more. DONT RANDOMLY SEND A FRIEND REQUEST.Read More


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  • (beta) battle warfare

    there been a war and the world turned into a battle ground, and peapol is mad , some might say to the point of killing others, fight or team, be powerful or weak, your dishen. NOTE TO ALL ADMINS: do not ban anyone unless they are really annoying or hacking or basically anything not intended to be in the game thx for understanding. group= full realease, is when it will be free, and if you buy it, i will make a gamepass and it will make you a bit speasheel, soon upades may come for new guns to be added, any suggestions ask cammin12233 or quantumfriend or pokenom20 or oggyoscar we wana make this game as good as possible

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