• Awesome War Tycoon

    A game by ChiTown Studios, make sure to join the group for the Green Sword, and the experience of the Golden TMP as well! A tycoon that makes you feel as if it is a real war! Upgrade your base, get swords, guns, and protect yourself from the enemies who want to kill you. Use your military jet to blow up enemy players before they blow you to pieces themselves! Be sure to check out the shop on the bottom left of your screen. NOTE: Golden weapon's accuracy is 100%, no recoil, no spread, and reloading is instant! Game Passes: VIP (Located in the headquarters, which can be found in the middle of the map, includes cool items) Golden Weapons (Upgrade tycoon for weapons) Air Strike (Air strike tool to call an air strike in your desired location, three new each death) Riot Shield (+10 Health) Bullet Proof Vest (+50 Health) Juggernaut (+100 Health) Immortal (+500 Health)

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