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  • Zombie-Apocalypse

    The ULTIMATE FANCLUB ever! This has to do with a game by "JewelyCat". Jewelycat is a awesome scripter and his current project is Call of Dead. Just look him up and try it out.-----TO GET A HIGHER RANK BUY THE COSTUMES AND WEAR THEM THEN PM ME! LOOOK IN JEWELYS STUFF FOR THEM! >:3

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  • Roblox Derby

    Follow me on Twitter: @Ripull_RBLX ___________________________________________ When you join, you become a VIP in all ROBLOX Derby games! ___________________________________________ Vip abilities for RBD2: -Red Team. -+2 Points per hit. -VIP car "Zapper". (Click the "<" button when on the "Earner" car screen.) -Ability to change camera mode. ( Guide: ) Vip abilities for RBD1: -Red team. -+2 Points per hit. -(+5) speed, torque and turn. -50% discount in shop. -Buggati Veyron.

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  • The Jewelycat Fan Club

    This group will be active now, once JewelyCat is unbanned he will be owner again but until then I will be the owner of group.

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