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Egg me. Feel free to PM or add me! Sorry if I don't accept your friend request right away, I have over 1,000 of them and just too lazy right now to accept. I also get like 100 PM's a day so it's hard to see them all. Looking into getting a Twitter! Was active over Summer not anymore. I'm a friendly person but please do not spam me with messages or trades. I don't have a laptop or computer so I play on my iPad so if I leave a game most likely my iPad crashed and try to rejoin the game! Read More

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    We are the Grand Veterans of ROBLOX. Whether our names be spaced,or underscored, or not, our epicness is large enough, to smite all others! Long live 2006! LONG, LIVE, ROBLOX!------------------- Any 05ers that join will be group admins. --------- Tags: 06 2006 06er 2005 05 05er 06ers veteran fan space underscored dot period two thousand six and the in a oh ha lol rofl zomg omg hax haxx admin mod 6 watch clan group one clawstrophobic america china japan epic :D

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