😈I have been corrupted by evil.  Once I sought out to live, and now I seek to destroy.  Be warned, alas the Overseer Apocalypse is coming and there is no stopping it.  I will conquer all; concede and submit to my authority, or yield the consequences.  My minions will reign terror upon all that resist. You have been warned!😈

🙌Heyooo, welcome to my account! 😜  My name is Quinn, and am currently in high-school🤯
Working on a mall/clothing brand.💩  I also love creating/working on outfits (models of them located in my inventory)
I am very artistic and am also a perfectionist, always striving to improve my work🤗
Check out my secondary account, Tpyo_o, I am active on there!
Be sure to follow me :)
Peace out✌️Read More


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