I'm a proud member of Kyrakian Empire, R.A.N., and The Private Eye. I pwn all noobs so if ur a noob, stay away, ur noobness might rub off on me and that would only give me further reasons 2 pwn u! Anyway, i accept all friend requests as i would like as i would like as many friends as possible. I dnt donate upon request unless I really like wat u made. I might go 2 ur place if it's 4 a special group meeting, or i'm just playing their with friends.
                                             About me:
                                          I play guitar
                                          Favorite song is Grenade.(I made ma own dance moves 4 it.)
                                          I have 1 sis, older, (thank God she's buying a new house) She's 26 and still living with me and ma parents! And 1 bro, older, 29, but not living with us!

                                          THT ENOUGH INFO?Read More

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  • War Amoung the Knights.

    The kings have sent out their entire armies, and all have died. Now, take control of your knight army, and fight for your king and his glory! HOW TO WIN BATTLES: YOU KILL YOUR ENEMIES SO MUCH, THAT THEY WILL QUIT THE GAME AND START A NEW GAME ON A DIFFERENT SERVER. THE KNIGHT ARMY THAT WINS THAT BATTLE, WILL BE THE WINNER!!!!! REMEMBER, THE WAR WILL NEVER BE OVER, THE WAR WILL REMAIN 2 GO ON AS LONG AS BOTH OF THE KINGS NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THEY WILL NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (If there is anything i could add or take away from this game, please feel free to mail me about it).

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