• The Dropper ✨ [130+ LEVELS!]

    Welcome to one of the first dropper games on Roblox! This game was inspired by a Minecraft map called The Dropper. 👉 Created by: https://www.roblox.com/groups/7291819/Lilly-Pop-Productions 👈 ALL LEVELS ARE POSSIBLE Levels and skip stages save! The objective of this game is to reach the bottom of each level while avoiding obstacles, and the levels get increasingly harder as you level up. New maps are always being added. Please note that this experience contains mild flashing colors and lights. Total levels: 133 ✨Roblox Premium users receive a "Premium" nametag in the chat! ✨UPDATE 10/14/23: ⚡️ All new lobby! ⚡️ Bugfixes + Music ⚡️ New levels coming soon! If you encounter any issues please post them on our group wall so they can be fixed! Good luck and have fun falling your way to victory 🏆 The Dropper Rainbow Obby Platformer Free Fall Game

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  • Greenscreen

    Greenscreen with poses for thumbnails. Tutorial to use: 1. Open the tool in your inventory 2. Click once 3. Switch to the new tool that appears in your inventory 4. Edit pose by moving your mouse around 5. Switch back to the first tool using your keyboard (typically by pressing the number 1) 6. Click again to switch the second tool to a different avatar part To edit a thumbnail: 1. Take a screenshot 2. Open any photo editor with the magic wand tool and configure the background

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