We shall bring guest rise up and fight for guest rights and people guest should stay for ever if you understand the poor feelings for guest you will be there friends even if you cant friend them and they cant talk don't let people that hate guest talk about them judge them stand up for them for every guest in this roblox world Who is with me tell everyone your friends random people to post that in there blog we need treat guest and people with respect if you want them to respect you you cant just talk to someone about there skin color or how they look if there black or white doesn't matter if they call you racist who cares what those mean people say if your nice to them and just stand up for people that like guest and nice people if you don't like bully's does that mean you should talk mean stuff to them don't just go on with your day guys even tho these videos are old about guest this from my heart and what i really feel about them.Read More


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