I have a devianart and fanfiction account, they are both called LuckyFanGirl just cause its hard to remember any user name besides gabby2222.  -_-  Anyway, I hope you read/look at my many items I posted on those two sites.

I'm not much to look at but I'm a friend to most everyone, yet sometimes, people are bullies to me.  I was bullied before so I'm sort of use to it, but I shouldn't be.  Bullies are horrible creatures (yes, creatures) so I try to stay clear of them but they still come after me.

Is it because I'm small or what (ok, by small I mean shy inside).

I'm best friends with nicolaus0.  He's a really good friend, I wish I was on more through, I haven't been on since the 2nd of January of 2013, so yea, I'm going to get on more.

Also, I play minecraft, the name on it is Leazer_san.  Any server sugestions, pm me!  :3Read More

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  • Yu-Gi-Oh RPG! ~read des.~

    Going to keep updating this place, I hope you guys like the new spawn area (I'll keep adding stuff). The only free models in here are the duel runners, the signs (but my wording), the teleporters (i really don't know how to make one), the duelest house's, and thats all ik of right off the bat. Here you hang out, duel, ride on your duel runner and have fun. Okay RPG your duel cards or your own deck in real life (just have a deck in your hand when get on but if you don't just make up your cards (use real cards not fakes)). Oh and respect the rules for roblox here also. Have a good time on here. This place is made up of all the sesons of yu-gi-oh! =P I love yu-gi-oh so much. Idk why! There is a place with lots of items, in the update, I'll kill it, maybe... Anyway, have fun, and I hope you will continue playing it. I might redo the whole place, i'm not sure.

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  • Pokemon Black and White Place!

    12% done. Made a script...admins are trainboy90, nicolaus0, and me (for got the rest of 'em XD) And don't for get...we can ban anyone who is mean to anyone.

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  • Tokyo Ghoul World (.5% Complete)

    I decided to try and do something different with my place so here we go, hopefully its good. (will place it up soon,)

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