Hello there, been on here for a few years and I mainly stick around to play Cube Caverns Reborn and/or some other games I still like nowadays. I am inactive for the most part though.

Uh, might as well add some stuff about me :
- I am female but I dress up as a guy on here
- My birthday is July 5th
- Harry Potter fan, and yes, I am a HufflePuff
- MHA, Obey Me!, Persona 4, Persona 5 + Royal are my main interests at the moment
- To add to the above, I love Bakugou (MHA), Belphegor (Obey Me!), Yosuke (P4), and Akechi (P5). Though, Akechi is above all of them, he is my most favorite
- Yes, I love a lot of anime guys

If you want to find me, here is a place I am the most active :
Chicken Smoothie - GoldPeaks


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