BRICKBATTLER is an Action Adventure/Hack n' Slash videogame made in ROBLOX! As well as incorporating elements from modern shooter games and classic platformer games! In this game, you play as SWAGMAN. An adventurous teen with a thirst for some action, accompanied by your sister DOPEGIRL. After discovering The ROBLOX Corporation's evil plans to delete all of the 2007-2015 time periods from existence with the power of the 7 PERIASTRONS, magical swords with the ability to do anything, it is up to swagman to stop their plans at once and save ROBLOX! On his way, he will encounter multiple friends and foes to PWN! The game features vast weaponry, with unlockable moves and complex combat and movement abilities each with their own unique features! Good luck, BRICKBATTLER! ----------------- CREATOR, PROGRAMMER, ARTIST, DESIGNER AND OWNER: @mayenokoo WRITERS: @mayenokoo and @OmnipresentIvan MUSIC COMPOSERS: @DoctorDuctape and @frostythepickel

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