Respect Guests they are not to make fun at. ♛Got A Problem?...Solve It! ♛ ♛Think I'm Tripping?...Tie My Shoe! ♛ ♛Can't Stand Me?...Sit Down! ♛ ♛Can't Face Me?...Well, Turn Around! ♛ ♛Think I'm ugly...Don't look at me ♛ ♛Don't like my style...Who said I liked yours? ♛ ♛Don't know me...Don't judge me ♛ ♛Think you know me?...You have no idea ♛ ♛ ¢alling me FAKE won't make you REAL, ¢alling me DUMB won't make you SMART, ¢alling me UGLY won't make you PRETTY, ¢alling me HORRIFIC won't make you COOL, ¢alling me WEAK Won't make you STRONG, ¢alling me FAT Won't make you SKINNY. 
Guys here  is an update STOP STEALING THIS PARAGRAPH FROM ME. IT TOOK ME HOURS TO MAKE AND THEN PEOPLE KEEP STEALING THIS which is obviously rude. Make your own paragraph, do not be lazy and steal things from other people Be your self and learn how to take responsibility.Read More


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