🍕Everything is funny, as long as it's happening to someone else🍕 
👍message me on my disc - @MaxMan#6166👍 

● I do not accept friend requests as the Roblox friend limit is 200 and I have over 3k friend requests. 
●Please dont message me about Nova Hotels, I was fired as Vice chairperson. 
●Yes, I did manage to lose around 80,000 robuxs, from many past scammers.
●Developer for simon_dev 

Currently working on a amazing roblox project, unfortunately I only have 15k robuxs to fund the idea.Read More


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  • Myth Hunters

    Welcome to Myth Hunters. Team up with your friends, or go on a solo hunt for myths! Gain badges, make friends, and explore a giant forest, your journey is just beginning. 🐛If you are experiencing lag, turn your graphics mode onto automatic in settings🐛 🦄It may take a couple of attempts to join a server🦄 🎉We add a myth into the game, each week🎉 😝Please message me some cool myths and legends😝 💸don't forget to check out the store💸 Credit: Thanks palaeeudyptinae for the low poly models.

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  • Granny [Read Description]

    PLAY NOW! Welcome to Granny! Team up with your friends, or go on a solo run! Get killed, escape, and explore a small map, your journey is just beginning New Updates! -New gear🎉 -In-game vip pass💸 -Cabin👌🏼 -Removed safe room🤙🏼 -Bug fixes🐛 👍🏼Dont forget to like the game, for more updates👍🏼 Tags: Free ~ Cool ~ Granny ~ DANTDM ~ Denis ~ Escape ~ Pokemon Go ~ Hello Neighbor ~ Cart ride ~ Spongebob ~ FNAF ~ Fidget Spinner ~ Soccer ~ Obby ~ Jail ~ Prison ~ Football ~ High School ~ Party ~ Superhero ~ Tycoon ~ Clash Royale ~ Robloxian Life ~ Naruto ~ Ninja ~ GTA 5 ~ CSGO ~ Dinosaur Simulator ~ Murder Mystery 2 ~ Blox ~ Sword Fighting Tournament ~ Work at a Pizza Place ~ Zombies ~ Freeze Tag ~ Gamma ~ Star War

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  • Roblox Developer School

    This game helps game developer's with building there game. It only cost of 🤑 25 ROBUX 🤑 for a 4 in 1 deal. -You learn how to make a better game. -you learn how to script. -you learn how to build. -You learn how to make GUIs. (It's a great deal for only 25 Robux) ❗️ NOTE: We are only in beta and plan on adding in more Tutorials ❗️ 🔥 Get Your Game On The Front Page!!! More Than 15+ Tutorials!!! 📖 Language: English Only Coming With More Languages Soon!!! 👍 Wanna support us? Leave a like on the game! 👍 👍5 Likes = +1 Tutorial👍

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  • Farm Tycoon


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