For the moment, at least, I have in a way, left ROBLOX. I have come to the conclusion that ROBLOX does not support the ability to create the epicness I wish to achieve in my games. I have found much better game editor/engines to work with. Of those include Unity 3d, and Blender (mainly for modeling). Now, I have NOT completely left, at least not now. I will still check in every other day or so, and play/check up on some of my favorite games. I did not leave because of the community, BC-only features, or any of that. I left completely on my own. So farewell, but I'm not completely gone. I may even make a ceremonial place just for me, who knows. See ya! :) Read More

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    Hello! This group is for Helpful ROBLOXians. Founded by sim55 and currently owned by SCS, we strive to improve the world by spreading kindness, and being helpful. This group promotes not only being helpful on Roblox, but in real life too. Join today, to help make the world a brighter place one smile at a time. Follow SCS on Twitter for updates about Helpful Robloxians: All new members are automatically pending members. They will be ranked up to Helpful Robloxians as soon as possible, so they can post on the wall. Send a message to anyone with the rank "Group Intern" or higher describing at least one time you were helpful to get ranked up. We also do our best to rank up people who post about helpful things they did on the group wall. Official Group Hangout/Meeting Place:

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    Fan T-Shirt Link: This is Crazyman32's original fangroup. When he was going to quit, he gave it up. The previous owner wanted to shut it down, but vobot41 claimed it. Then he has passed it down to superiorsockman. Then it was given to me, jerbethlance.

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  • Spleef [WIP]

    Spleef- a game where you try to break blocks from underneath your opponent(s) to make them fall. Try to avoid getting "spleefed" yourself! | Google "spleef" for more information.

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