I will follow everyone who follows me on ######## I read all pm's so ####### ## anytime. I play Roblox with family, it's just a fun way to spend our time together. That's my main reason for being on Roblox. I decided to keep only my family as my friends on ####### ### partly finished with a new game. I want to elaborate but I'll wait until the update to the Skating Rink is completed before I release any more details.Read More

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  • Roblox Sky Wars

    alpha testing for Roblox Sky Wars. This is very early in development. Please PM any bugs you notice to me. Also PM any ideas for the game. thank you - johnnygadget

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  • Club Orbital

    DJ. Dance. Chat. Party!

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  • Roblox Skating Rink

    fixed the glitch in the arcade games, if you experience any new problems with the arcade games message me. I've added an options menu where you can disable some stuff if the game lags too much . Skating Rink Badges coming soon! asap. i'm listening to all ideas everyone is sending me so keep the suggestions and requests coming. no detail too small. any idea you want to share i'm happy to hear. :) jump and click left mouse button to flip. use w,a,s,d to flip in different directions

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  • Roblox Ice Skating Rink : WIP

    Roblox Ice Skating Rink bu johnnygadget This is a Work In Progress. Still ltons of work to do, but i wanted to go ahead and let players try it out. Welcome WHMS! I hope everyone has fun on your field trip! I have not updated this game in a very long time and I juts don't have time right now either. If any of you have suggestions or feature requests you're welcome to pm me. Thanks! If you notice any bugs or glitches please don't leave angry or insulting comments, just report the problem to me and i will work to get it fixed. thx BEWARE Sasquatch!

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  • Roller Murderer Simulator 2069ad : NEW KNIFE SKINS

    Murder Death Kill on skates WIP just testing an idea for a new fps/tps 5/3 made new hover-skates especially for this game. they go better with the look and atmosphere of the game than regular skates. i also made a rocket-launcher, it matches the style of the pistol and semi-auto. i made it so players can now bring their own roblox gear weapons. included is melee, ranged and explosives. tell me if you like this or not. also,please send me requests for which roblox gear weapons to add, i just picked some at random. i scripted a working gamemode but since there aren't many players yet i've disabled it. If this game ever attracts more players i will enable the gamemodes. until then this is just straight-up deathmatch. i made another stage and partially scripted a game. players now have WINS in stats. still have lots to do. make a waiting room, make more stages, add more perks, and i'm also working on different gamemodes, like 1v1 and allv1. so there will be more to come. ma

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