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  • One Punch Man : Hero Association

    Hello, We are the Hero Association of One Punch Man, in order to get C class, B class, A class and S class. There will be special ways to get them, but once you get a class you will need proof to be ranked up either send it to (MrTakamuraMamoru or MrAokiMasaru) ________________________________________________________________ There will be only top 17 S class no more no less, for A class there will be top 20, B and C class will be unlimited. ________________________________________________________________ Rules : Exploiting/Hacking = Instant ban Spawn Killing = Kicked ________________________________________________________________ More updates to come in the future!

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  • The Mystic Land RPG Offical Fan Group

    The Game: You can talk anything about the game here. To get Approved, talk to a group helper / D8Dev if you saw they are in the game. Group Rank: Casual: Lv 1 Beginner: Lv 50 Adventurer: Lv 81 Combatant: Lv 100 Medium Lv: Lv 120 High Lv: Lv 140 Hardcore: Lv 150 Super Hardcore: Lv 160

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  • Veterans [Veterans Only]

    This group is EXCLUSIVELY for veterans. Only accounts with the veteran badge can join. Please don't request to join if you're not a veteran, as you will be declined. MrBossMan has, unfortunately, had to leave us, as he's been promoted to Vice President of the RFC (ROBLOX Future Corp). On the behalf of every veteran here, I wish him success in his new role! This does mean, however, that we're electing another admin! PM me if you think you know a good nominee. You can also suggest yourself. I'll post here and in the group shout when I've come to a decision. Current admins (in no order): Akrra and josephkp.

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  • claw city

    fight your foes in a epic blue steel claws fight! /\not finished/\

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