• Vibe Complex [TOWER/OBBY]

    🌃 It's a starry night at the Vibe Complex, the perfect place to socialize, relax, and vibe with friends and fellow players 🌙 The BEST hangout/obby place on Roblox! 🔔 Be sure to hit the like 👍 and the favorite ⭐ button! Owner/Developer/Creator: h8anup Note: Some assets in this game weren't created by me and I don't take credit for those. Ignore tags: Vibe, Hangout, Retro, Vaporwave, Chill, SadVibes, Nation, Edgy, Aesthetic, Grunge, Gothic, Night, Obby, Tower, NY, NYC, Vibe Room, Vibe Place, Vibe Pool, Vibe Cuddles, Chill, Vibe Plane, Vibe Train, Vibe Area, Vibe Skyscraper

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