You can join me anytime whenever you want, just click the "Follow Player" button. If you want to read more scroll down. <3 You Gavin. Thank you friends for being here for me!! ❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈❈
 Hello I am Parker, I am a trader and I love to play ROBLOX. Here are the games I play: 

-On the Epic Minigames Leaderboard Level #176

 -I am #first in Ripull Minigames Level 135

 -On the twisted Murderer Leader Boards, Rank 2,506

 -Level 158 on Mad Games 

-Prestige 40 on Assassin 

-Level 482 in Zombie Rush with 32,000+ kills 

-I have 3790 survivals on Natural Disaster Survival. 

-Prestige 1 and rank 64 on Murder Mystery 2 

-I have over 1.5 Million RAP and I have over 2.2 Million value. 

-I have over 8,900 friend requests. (8,926) I love ROBLOX and the games they have. I always love the support you guys give me, thank you!Read More

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