• Neighborhood war

    IM THE UPDATE GUY! the big UPDATE is still being worked on, (we are thinking of porting it somewhere else) MONTH RECAP /10/2022: + save settings + fixed snake sniper + new vip server commands gamepass + bunker assets back mobile: (not recommended) https://www.roblox.com/games/6331720307/ Group: roblox.com/groups/4625571/Neighborhood-War-Group Inspired by (a game i cant say because roblox said no, but its like a postal service) and Hotline Miami thanks to me and some other guys that roblox does NOT want me to name without breaking the whole game Controls: +Drag: LMB,E + Shield: Q,E +Guns:LMB,RMB,R +Melees:LMB (hold lmb to prepare attack) +Shovel:LMB,E click E once + FLAMETHROWER: equip the flamethrower along the gas tank

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