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  • We want the old ROBLOX back!(2006-2009)

    This group was originally created and founded by Yummy15 & VTG ________________________________________________________ In 2006 The game was being tested and Awaited new and exciting adventures for us all. In 2007 The game rapidly started to grow attracting players far and wide who wanted to test their creativity. In 2008 The game was at its most peaceful. Players were either helpful or nice and the games were amazing. Troubles began to stur around late 2008. In 2009 ROBLOX experienced its first major decline in almost everything. Everyone was either at war with Guests. Gear abusers, Online Daters, and hackers roamed free and wild. Almost forgot to mention this year was the birth of Roblox New "groups" idea. ___________________________________________ If your group sends us an ally request and your group has nothing to do with wanting the old ROBLOX back, then we will deny it. -Yummy15, VTG & 06rs

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  • R.I.P. Player

    Once upon a time, long back in 2006, a player named... well... Player, decided to join Roblox. Now, Player was a good lad, always spoke in proper english, and tried to do the right thing. He survived about 4 Years on Roblox. On 5/3/2010, Moderators decided the account was being shared, and deleted the account as soon as they believed it. Even though Player has gone through some tough times, it's nice to know he died where he was born... Crossroads....

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